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The SilverLiner™

The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™
The SilverLiner™

The SilverLiner™


Designed for high-flyers (no wings necessary.)


Jasmine is 5’6 and wears a size M

Details & fit

Introducing the SilverLiner™ — a soft, full-coverage period underwear featuring back ruching for an ultra-flattering, body-contouring fit. We engineered a special 70/30 fabric that is breathable, quick-drying and super stretchy. It features super-mesh rubber panels for maximum flexibility, plus, a patent-pending, waterproof two-layered gusset that keeps your pad in place and prevents leakage. The best part? You can hide the wings of your pad (and fly much higher than before!)

Fabric + Care

Machine wash cold * Do not bleach * Tumble dry low

Body: 70% Nylon * 30% Spandex

Gusset: SilverliningTM Technology * our ultra-thin double layered gusset, made from Supima cotton with added waterproof layering to prevent leakage. 

Lining: 100% Cotton 


The Silver Liner is compatible with most feminine products, including The Baseline Pad, or can be worn alone. 

If paired with pads, remember to remove the backing strip off the pad and position directly on the gusset. Tuck the wings inside the waterproof layer for positioning, and to ensure zero visibility. If you prefer to wear tampons or menstrual cups then have no fear—the waterproof layering will keep all leak worries at bay.

Defining features


Features a two-layered gusset that keeps wings invisible, free of friction from the outerwear (which can cause pad mispositioning) and minimizes the chance of leakage and underwear staining.



Our waterproof gusset is made from super-soft Supima—the world’s finest, sustainable cotton.



The Silver Liner is compatible with almost all feminine products, or can be worn alone (we love wearing ours to the gym due to its sweat-wicking qualities). Since we know you’re busy, we made it super easy to clean. Just throw it in the washer, and tumble dry on low—et voilà! You’re good to go.

Active moms * Frontline heroes * Hiking gurus * Fitness friends * Travel titans
for extra comfort

What is the difference between the Silver Liner and absorbent underwear?

The Silver Liner is designed to prevent leakage by eliminating pad mispositioning, which is common in most period underwear. While it’s not absorbent and not designed to replace your existing feminine products, it does allow you to go about your day with ease, without feeling the feeling of sitting in soiled underwear all day.

Is Silver Liner only compatible with Baseline Pad?

The Silver Liner works well with most feminine products—whether it’s pads, tampons, or menstrual cups, we’ve got you covered. 

Can you wear the SilverLiner™ alone?

Absolutely! Although we designed it for period care, the SilverLiner™ is so comfortable and supportive that you can wear it daily—especially during a workout.

How does the SilverLiner™ underwear work?

Unlike most absorbent period underwear that are supposed to replace the current femcare products you are using, the Silver Liner is invented to be perfectly compatible with almost all of the femcare products in the market, pads, tampons, menstrual cups, discs, you name it. 

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes! From the start, we’ve been focused on maintaining a sustainable approach to all aspects of our supply chain. We use FSC-certified paper in all our packaging, which is fully recyclable.