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We’re proud to be the first FemTech Company dedicated to active lifestyles. We worked tirelessly to create a formula that holistically balances performance-based wearables, and sustainable consumables—to help you flow through your period uninterrupted. To achieve your best performance, we create period essentials engineered for high performance and maximum comfort through sustainable innovation and technology. We innovate through responsibly sourced, earth-friendly materials and manufacturing processes that minimizes our environmental impact. This tech-driven design thesis of performance meets sustainability is the power behind all Baseline products.

the silver liner

Active period shorts designed for sports

Flexible mesh rubber supports maximized body movements, breathable experience, and keeps menstrual products in place

70/30 fabric provides quick-dry, high sweat absorbency as well as 5x stretchability

2-layer structure allows pad wings to be tucked in: keep pad wings invisible and free of friction from outside, minimize the chance of staining outerwear

Boy shorts to provide maximized coverage and support during movement

The Baseline Pad

Differentiated pad design for high performance

Organic cotton top to maximize softness and sensitivity care

Water-holing technology to provide speedy spread and minimize reverse osmosis (RO)

Quick cooling base to provide additional protection

Breathable base layer to maintain cool and dry

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