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Our mission

We want to help women to be in-control, comfortable and open for life’s adventures.

We are redefining the active experience for women with active lifestyles.

Our Story

There's power behind our period.

We spend 10% of our lives on our period on average. While everyone has their personal period stories, our own relationship to the menstrual cycles inspired us to reimagine and redefine the period experience. It started with a simple thought: what if the storyline surrounding a woman’s period could flip from a heavy, lethargic narrative—one of what a woman can’t do—to a new script that flows with positivity, ease and instead, what she can do? 

We believe there should be no stress on our period. Period. That’s why we designed a new generation of revolutionary femcare, designed for your utmost comfort, so you can take back control of that 10% and focus on what really matters: an equal seat at the table, on the sports field, and all the silver linings of life’s adventures. 

Baseline Active Period