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The Baseline Pad

The Baseline Pad
The Baseline Pad
The Baseline Pad
The Baseline Pad
The Baseline Pad

The Baseline Pad


The bare necessity for movement on your period.

Details & fit

Introducing our sustainable, non-toxic, organic pad—designed for a barely-there feel that fits comfortably to your body. We created an ultra-thin SuperCoreTM, which has lightning-fast absorbency and low reverse osmosis. Forget sweating and stuffiness; this is the perfect solution to keep you dry on the days when you’re going hard in the gym or running around without breaks. 

Regular Flow (240mm): best for daily activities, offers up to 8 hours of worry free protection

Heavy Flow (280mm): best for heavier flows and nighttime use with extra coverage, offers up to 8 hours of worry free protection

      Whats it made from

      100% organic cotton top layer * GOTS certified 

      0.07cm ultra-thin SuperCoreTM  with natural wood pulp and polymer

      Adhesive polypropylene back layer

      Non-toxic, and made without dyes, fragrances, chlorine bleach, synthetic pesticides, dioxin, latex, chloroform, or preservatives. Sourced and manufactured responsibly.

      Defining features


      0.07cm ultra-thin SuperCore™ that enables zero feel and an innovative shape designed to comfortably fit your body.



      Instant absorbency that keeps pad surface dry throughout all activities



      100% organic cotton top layer. Free from dyes, fragrances, chlorine bleach, and other harmful preservatives. Our pads are sourced and manufactured responsibly..

      Active moms * Frontline heroes * Hiking gurus * Fitness friends * Travel titans
      for extra comfort

      What is the difference between Baseline Pad and other pads?

      The Silver Liner is designed to prevent leverage by eliminating “mispositioning”. It does not replace your existing feminine products. While it offers waterproof features, it is not absorbent.

      How often should I change my pad?

      The Silver Liner is comparable with most feminine products whether is pads, tampons, or menstrual cups.

      What is the difference between the regular and heavy flow?

      Yes, indeed! Although designed for period care, the Silver Liner is so comfortable and supportive that you can wear it daily.